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pointy spotty ears, pointy spotty ears.

there’s those ears we know and love 🙂

pointy ones and spotty ones.

the sweet baby ears girl was born on april 6th, 2019. she had a heck of a start, from having her ears cropped and being neglected and crated all day every day to moving homes 3 times in her first year of life.

when the baby ears went into heat for the first time, she was sent to maine far away from the other 3 dogs she was living with that would not leave her alone. a foolish friend of her parents let her outside one morning and she escaped with the old ass hound from up the road.

she was found hours later in the woods all zoomed out. it was love at first site for the heckin ears girl’s mom and she would be obsessed with her forever from then on.

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